Our Practice

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Our Practice

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality eye care and the most comprehensive eyewear.
Our trained staff will ensure that all aspects of you and your family’s visual needs are met in a caring and efficient manner.

Our services include:
Comprehensive eye examinations
Comprehensive contact lens supply and aftercare
Childrens’ vision assessment
Visual field assessment
Electronic health fund claims
Colorimeter assessment
Visual information processing assessment
A wide range of quality fashionable spectacle frames
Accessories for spectacles and contact lenses

We have the latest technology in spectacle lenses
Single vision

Our optometrists deal with the latest and widest range of contact lenses
Disposable contact lenses
Soft and gas permeable contact lenses
Coloured contact lenses

Almost all our frames have a 2-year warranty.

University students and staff members receive a reduction in appliance costs.

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