Orthokeratology Services in Adelaide

Orthokeratology Services in Adelaide

North Terrace Optometrists has a proud history of prescribing contact lenses. As well as the use of disposable soft contact lenses and microcorneal lenses we are also able to provide our patients with Orthokeratology lenses.

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-k is an exciting development in visual care. It is a safe and convenient alternative to spectacle, contact lens wear and refractive surgery.

What exactly is Orthokeratology and what is involved?

Orthokeratology involves wearing gas permeable contact lenses while you sleep. These lenses gently reshape the cornea (the front surface of the eye).

The tear fluid underneath the  lenses reshapes the cornea and light is then able to focus on the back of the eye (retina) to enable clear vision.

The lenses are worn overnight whilst you sleep. Some people may only have to wear them alternate nights whilst others may feel more comfortable wearing them every evening.

You will need to see your optometrist often whilst beginning wear to monitor your progress and to ensure that the lenses are having the desired effect.

Orthokeratology is now available to correct shortsightness, longsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.
Your initial Orthokeratology fitting is purchased as a package. This includes a years worth of consultations, trialing of the lenses and your own set of Ortho-k lenses.

First your vision is assessed to see whether you are a candidate, if you are sucessful trial appointments and lenses are organised.

If the trial is unsuccessful or you wish not to proceed all you pay is the trialing fee.

Studies conducted at the University of New South Wales have shown that this form of correction has been effective in reducing the progression of myopia in many wearers.

Medicare does not cover most contact lens or Orthokeratology consultations, however you may be able to claim on your contact lenses through your private health insurance if you have the appropriate cover.

Begin your journey towards convenient vision all day long by calling (08)8231 9341 to arrange an appointment.

You can find more information at www.innovativeeyecare.com.au.

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