Quality Prescription Glasses in Adelaide

Quality Prescription Glasses in Adelaide

Do I need an eye exam?

Everyone needs an eye exam, regularly. It’s recommended that you have one at least once every two years, and every year if you’re a senior. More than half of all Australians and nearly three-fourths of all adults need some form of vision correction. Even if you don’t notice any change in your vision, you need a regular eye exam to ensure the health of your eyes.

What’s involved in an eye exam?

In a comprehensive eye exam, an optometrist evaluates your eye health, refractive error, and other visual functions. These tests determine if you’re seeing clearly or if your vision would be improved if the optometrist prescribes prescription glasses or contact lenses.

With evaluation of your eye health the optometrist looks for any signs of eye disease or infection. This may require dilating the pupils to get a better look at the retina or back of the eye. Finally, you may be given tests for “ocular motility” or the movement of the eyes, “binocular vision” or the ability of both your eyes to work together, as well as your ability to focus.

Depending on your age and needs, the optometrist may determine that you also need a test for glaucoma, which measures the pressure in your eyes. Also, a field of vision test may be needed to evaluate how well you see peripherally.

How long will all this take?
Allow a minimum of 30 minutes for an eye exam, though young children and seniors may require up to an hour.

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