Precision Tinted Lenses

Precision Tinted Lenses

Some children and adults who have difficulty with reading, experience visual distortion when viewing a page of print: the letters may appear to move, or to blur, the white paper may glare and cause eye-strain or headaches. The resulting visual discomfort and perceptual distortion may interfere with reading.

This distortion is common in people who have binocular vision problems (for which vision training or conventional spectacles may be appropriate). However it can occur quite independently in people whose eyesight is otherwise perfect.

Clinical research trials by the Applied Psychology Department of the Medical Research Council in England have shown that these problems can be helped by the use of spectacle lenses, tinted specifically to meet the individual needs of each patient.

The effect of the colour is generally to give greater clarity with reading, so improving fluency and efficiency with reduction in headaches and increase in concentration.
In order to determine this tint, assessment is carried out on the CVT Colorimeter, an instrument developed for this purpose by the Medical Research Council and now manufactured exclusively and under licence by Cerium Visual Technologies, England.

With this new instrument it is possible to examine the benefits of colour on reading in fine detail and with controlled variables.

The results of the test can be produced both reliably and accurately in the form of Precision Tinted Lenses by utilising a new and unique system, specially developed to complement the Intuitive Colorimeter.

With this new method of tinting there are over 6,700 different hues available and so any colour determined through the Colorimeter can be matched.

Each patient’s colour requirement is unique and their precision lenses are individually made.

Before undergoing Colorimetry a full eye-examination should be carried out. Precision tinted lenses are available with or without ocular prescription, as advised by the optometrist and should be used as directed.

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